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  Superman - World of Krypton   $14.99 
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AUTHOR TOUR with Tom Peyer July
New from Tom Peyer. Chris Vargas is a middle-aged man with a hacking cough, an obsolete job, and a bombastic secret: whenever he likes, he can transform into the teenage superhero CAPTAIN KID! In this, his first recorded adventure, he encounters Helea, a mystery woman who knows more about him than he does, and Halliday, a mad businessman with a catastrophic weapon   (posted: 2016-06-10)
STEVE ORLANDO-Midnighter,Batman & Robin Eternal, Supergirl. Genevieve Valentine-Catwoman,XENA,Nedula Nominee. Frank Barbiere-Marvels Howling Commandos, Matt Rosenberg-Civil War:KingPin.   (posted: 2016-05-10)
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